Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there a cost to use Speltjänst? 

A. - No, Speltjänst and all its components are completely free to use.


Q. How do I submit my system? 

A. - For ATG-related betting products: When you have saved your coupons you click "Submit" to choose to either submit directly on, or choose "Download XML" to download the file to your device. If you download the XLM file, you then browse and click on "Filinlämning". Upload and submit your coupons. All security aspects around your submission and account is handled by ATG and their bet platform.
For Svenska Spel-related betting products: Save your coupons and click on "Submit". You will then be directed to Svenska Spel where you can log-in and submit. All security aspects around your submission and account is handled by Svenska Spel and their bet platform.

Q. Where do I find information prior to my bet?

A. - For ATG-related betting productsTo bet smart means knowing as much as possible, not only about current form, latest news and qualitative data. It is also about analyzing the "hard facts" about how often the favourites wins, the importance of positions, etcetera. For example, it is very expensive to play a V75 coupon without any favourites because the probability that such a coupon will win is very small (at most 1-2 per year). You can find more such data here!
For Svenska Spel-related betting products: Every game connected to the rounds are linked to match facts that contains all the statistics that you need to form a well-informed bet system. Apart from knowing such stats it is also important to keep check of the "hard facts" about the value of home advantage, frequency of 1X2, etc. You can find more such data here!

Q. Do you offer any form av expert advice?

A. For ATG-related betting products: You can find tips and recommendations in newspapers and on ATGs website. We also recommend the expert tips from our special partner Travtjänsten, that have existed since 1993 and includes several of Sweden's best trotting experts.
For Svenska Spel-related betting productsWe strongly recommend Sporttjänsten's daily expert tips with complete analysis for most of the games here.


Q. I would like to send my saved system to friends, is that possible?

A. - Yes, it is. Click on "Share via email"-button on your coupon's page. By doing that you can share your coupon to friends via e-mail and they will be able to see and settled the coupon (but not to change it).


Q. How do I know how many correct tips I had on my submitted system?

A. - Go to the start page for Speltjänst and click on your saved system ("Show"-button) in the list with "Previous tips". For ATG-related systems you can then click the link "Correct system".


Q. Is it possible to create systems for "Topptipset" or "Powerplay" through Speltjänst?

A. - Yes! Nowadays Svenska Spel allow also these betting forms to be submitted through file betting.

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